Mexican drug cartels

The mexican crime syndicate is the world's most powerful drug trafficking organization, and the biggest supplier of illegal narcotics in the us. The reputed leader of the juárez drug cartel, carlos arturo el 80 quintana, was captured by mexican special forces in chihuahua state. A mexican drug cartel two killingsincluding a 13-year-old girlthis isn't the plot for a made-for-tv movie this is real life playing out in a.

mexican drug cartels Prosecutors say a flurry of modest deposits was one of the many schemes  hatched by mexican crime cartels trying to bring billions of dollars in.

It can be a little deceiving to think of mexico's drug cartels as simply gangsters instead, they've blurred the distinctions between organized. Cartel boss known as 'most feared narco-terrorist in colombia' extradited to mexican cartel hides $1m worth of drugs in candles shaped like male genitalia. For the past 12 years, mexico has fought violent drug gangs by deploying and intelligence officers to crack down on cartels and their leaders. World news about mexican drug trafficking tancítaro, mexico, fought off cartels and established self-rule is it utopia, or warlordism by max fisher and.

Citizens are bearing the toll of increased violence as the drug cartels fragment into more lethal groups. A cartel gangster is believed to have dissolved as many as 650 people in acid after a mass grave was discovered in mexico. Government and police officials in the mexican state of coahuila, on the us border, have colluded in massacres by narco-cartels that. Pablo vega cuevas — who went from a delinquent in aurora to a leader of a mexican drug cartel — is now in an international spotlight for. America's gun problem isn't just america's — it also leaks over to mexico, according to a new report from the us government accountability.

Three brothers used an oklahoma horse farm as a front for their notorious los zetas drug cartel here's how investigators unraveled the. Powerful drug cartels have left an indelible mark in mexican history, and they continue to operate with relative impunity today efforts by authorities to curtail their. Drug cartels have killed 133 politicians in mexico this is all while el chapo is incarcerated martin berrios written by martin berrios. Read cnn's fast facts to learn more about how the mexican government has been fighting against drug traffickers since december 2006. Nightline” took an extraordinary tour of the inner workings of the sinaloa drug cartel, the single largest exporter of heroin to the us.

A fresh wave of violence is sweeping through mexico as the country prepares to choose its new president on july 1 powerful drug cartels are. Mexican authorities have turned to bizarre rituals including voodoo as they attempt to win the violent war against the country's ruthless drug gangs holding the. More than a dozen of mexico's worst drug lords have been captured or killed during mr peña's 27-month tenure, and almost all the famous.

Mexican drug cartels

Chihuahua, mexico — as more us states legalize the use of marijuana, mexico's violent drug cartels are turning to the basic law of supply. The sinaloa drug cartel is a mexican drug gang with one of the largest us footprints, and in just one week in alabama, it's name was. Immigrants as commoditiesas us border security has tightened, mexican drug cartels have moved in on coyotes, human smugglers who are. 11 hours ago chicago—top us drug enforcement administration officials will unveil new plans to combat mexican drug cartels wednesday in chicago.

  • Abstract: mexican drug cartels virtually rule large parts of mexico, with violence and murder spilling across the us border in 2009, the death toll reached a high .
  • Over the past decade mexican drug cartels' power and the violent struggles between them have increased exponentially.
  • Right now cjng, cartel jalisco nuevo generacion, is the strongest cartel along with sinaloa cartel cjng has acquired or is in the process of acquiring new.

Mexican drug trafficking organizations (dtos) are mexican cartels are also leading manufacturers. With us encouragement, mexico has gone to war against the cartels, imprisoning drug users and drug runners, incinerating opium and. More than 200,000 people have been killed or have disappeared since mexico's government declared war on organised crime in december.

mexican drug cartels Prosecutors say a flurry of modest deposits was one of the many schemes  hatched by mexican crime cartels trying to bring billions of dollars in.
Mexican drug cartels
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